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Wars Paint Tee -- Short Sleeve T-Shirt (Rebel Army Green)

Image of Wars Paint Tee -- Short Sleeve T-Shirt (Rebel Army Green)
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Put on your Wars Paint and hit the streets! It's time to protest the unfair treatment of the prequel trilogy, and this pro-prequel t-shirt sends the message loud and clear.

A riff on Banksy's "Rage, Flower Thrower," this shirt depicts a fan who's so fed up he'll cosplay as his favorite character and rebelliously flaunt his fandom. Just don't ask him to pass the popcorn!

100% ringspun cotton t-shirt. Premium quality and durability. Manufactured for exceptional comfort. Pre-shrunk. Art by Peter Glanting.

Men's and Women's Shirts Available! (Please note the color tint differences in the photos.)

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